Garage Door Decorating Guide

Holiday Garage Door Decorating Tips

Decorating your garage door for the holiday season is a fun family activity that can add a major pop of color and character to your home and neighborhood. Below, the Overhead Door Company of Augusta has compiled a list of tips for garage door decorating in a fun and safe manner. Read on to find out how!

Animation Nation

The easiest way to decorate your door is to invest in a projector. You can now find both plug-in and battery-powered options that allow you to cast everything from simple red-and-green lighting patterns to Santa and his sleigh. Some are even app-controlled, allowing you to switch up the style with just a tap on your smartphone. Projectors are also a great option if you are worried about damaging your garage door by using any type of adhesive. 


While not as easy as the projector, magnetic decals are a simple way to get the whole family involved in the decorating process. With such a broad canvas, everyone can easily decorate their own nook or work together to create a masterpiece. Just make sure not to affix them too close to the edges so they don’t interfere with the rollers or tracks. Additionally, examine the space between your door and the ceiling to make sure nothing will get caught and shift when your door is opening or closing. 

All of the Lights

Stringing lights around the frame of your garage door is a simple way to highlight what is hopefully the best feature on the front of your home. Before you start, here are a couple of things to consider:

  • Opt for LED Lights: Unlike the holiday lights of yore, the newest lights are brighter and more energy-efficient which means a lower electric bill and carbon footprint.
  • Get a Good Ladder: That rickety thing that only has three legs on the ground isn’t cutting it anymore. A slick, easy-fold model will make things safer and save you on setup time.
  • Have a Spot: No matter the quality of the ladder, make sure you have someone down below holding everything steady and providing support if you start to wobble.  

Get a Door You Want to Display

If you are going to be decorating for the holidays, you want to have a beautiful garage door to highlight. The Overhead Door Company of Augusta offers industry-leading technology and features wrapped up in the most stylish package imaginable. Check them out here and then call us today to find out how we can help you install yours.

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