The Benefits of a Thermacore® Garage Door

Thermacore® Garage Doors

You don’t have to live in a freezing midwest climate to get the benefits of an insulated garage door. At the Overhead Door Company of Augusta/Aiken™ we are proud to offer the Thermacore® series of doors. Thermacore® insulated steel doors are the ideal choice for premium construction and maximum thermal efficiency. This series of doors feature our sandwich construction of steel-polyurethane-steel as well as between-section seals with thermal breaks to reduce air infiltration. With several panel designs to choose from, these doors offer design flexibility, durability and thermal efficiency that will help keep your home comfortable in cold or hot climates. Below, we’ve listed the three main benefits of why it’s time to invest in a Thermacore® door.

Lower Energy Bill

A garage that is not properly sealed can be one of the biggest energy sucks in your home. In fact, you could unwittingly be sinking hundreds of dollars into heating the outside of your home. One study from Clopay Doors showed that measured temperatures inside of an uninsulated garage in 20 degree weather. With a single layer door (no insulation) the temperature inside the garage was only 30 degrees. But with an insulated garage door, temperatures inside the garage climbed to 42 degrees. While that may seem like a small difference, it can actually add up to substantial savings every year.

Increased Durability

The additional layer of insulation and sandwich construction built into every Thermacore® means your doors are ready to tackle more than just inclimate weather. The reinforced steel is more resistant to dent, dings, and every in between — perfect if you’ve got a student driver or your kids who might be using it as a goal.


An insulated garage door tends to be much quieter than an uninsulated garage door. Although noise dampening isn’t usually the most important factor, it’s an added benefit of an insulated door. Many garage doors tend to produce some noise. For older garage doors, the primary offender is usually the track mechanism. Loose chains on the track tend to produce a loud, jerking noise. And worn down rollers can also grumble and squeak. Badly lubricated hinges and springs are another common contributor.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of adding a Thermacore® door to your home, contact the Overhead Door Company of Augusta/Aiken™ today to schedule your 14-point inspection and find out about all of our winter specials happening now.

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