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When looking to hire a garage door company, reputation, history, experience, and quality of service are all things you should be taking into consideration. Many garage door companies do excellent work. However, there are also businesses in our profession that base their entire model on giving you less than stellar service, so you have to call back and spend more of your hard-earned money.

At The Overhead Door Company®, we want you to have the best garage door within your price range. We also want you to see us as little as possible because the less we have to visit you signals to us that our services live up to our brand’s reputation. This reputation is about quality, honesty, and hard work.

Again, choose who you want to do work on your garage door, but here are some of the reasons why The Overhead Door Company® brand is so respected!


The founder of what would become our storied company, C.B. Johnson, invented the garage door more than a hundred years ago. Through good old-fashioned hard work and promotion, his revolutionary invention would become something that is used worldwide to this very day.

We take our foundational roots seriously because they grew into what makes our brand so recognizable in an industry that is now highly competitive. Additionally, we never want to lose touch with those roots because they hold the key to what maintains our reputation.

It’s all in our slogan: The Genuine. The Original. Overhead Door.


Our operations across the United States and Canada are held to the highest standards in the industry. Your company’s reputation is only as good as the work it produces. That’s why we only produce quality work. You trust us to keep your house safe from intruders and the elements. You call us when you need your business to move more efficiently. We take that trust seriously and feel that doing anything but the best work possible is a betrayal.


The installers and technicians at The Overhead Door Company® are all educated on the latest techniques, safety measures, and technology. We take all needed precautions seriously while on the job because working in this industry can be very dangerous. A lot can go wrong while installing a garage door, tuning it, doing essential inspections, etc. Serious accidents can happen, and people can get hurt in the blink of an eye. Our technicians do everything they can to make sure these things never happen.


Our workforce is like a family to us. The people that come to work for The Overhead Door Company® every day aren’t just workers; they are members of a highly efficient team that is in it for the long term. Most higher-ups in our operations start at the ground level and work their way up through passion and good old-fashioned elbow grease. We do great work because we love what we do.

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At Overhead Door Augusta/Aiken, we understand that every chain is only as strong as its weakest link. As far as we can tell, that chain is as strong as it has ever been with us being a part of it.

Like all the other parts of The Overhead Door Company®, we take our reputation very seriously. We want you to get the very best service possible because life is hard enough without a broken garage door to have to deal with.

Call us today, or visit our website to learn more about the doors, installation services, and maintenance packages we offer. Hurry! Inventory gets sold as fast as we get a hold of it!

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