How to Prevent Garage Door Damage

How to Prevent Garage Door Damage

Damage can occur unexpectedly — even to something as sturdy as your garage door.

Whether it’s a bump from a vehicle or harsh weather conditions courtesy of mother nature, there are ample opportunities for garage door damage. When these incidents occur, you might wonder to yourself “is the damage to my garage door covered by my insurance.” Below, the Overhead Door Company of Augusta/Aiken has included a simple break down so you’ll have an idea of whether or not you have additional funds headed your way to fix the damage. 

Just a word of advice upfront, this is not a definitive list. Policies differ from company to company, person to person and you should always contact your insurance provider to make sure you are covered after a particular incident. 

Damage From A Vehicle

One of the most common ways a garage door damage happens is when a vehicle accidentally backs into it. If it happens to be you behind the wheel, most homeowners’ insurance policies cover this to a certain degree. If it’s a third-party driver — such as a friend or stranger — who runs into your door, typically, their auto insurance policy will cover the repair costs.

Damage From A Storm

If your garage door damage was caused by hail or wind-swept debris, most homeowners’ insurance policies will cover at least part of the damage. For more severe natural disasters, you might not be so lucky. Acts of God including hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes are not included in the average person’s homeowners’ policy. If your home is susceptible to any of these events, it might be worth contacting your provider ahead of time to figure out if you’re covered and, if not, how much would it cost to do so.


Your policy should have a clause covering what’s known as “malicious mischief” which includes things like strangers breaking windows or drawing graffiti on your garage door. 

Everyday Wear And Tear

Unfortunately, this is one of the only situations when the damage is almost certainly not covered. Instead, you can prevent this by calling the Overhead Door Company of Augusta/Aiken for semi-annual maintenance.

If You Do Need A Repair, Call OHD

Whatever the damage, severity, or time of day, Overhead Door is here to help. Our garage door repair team is trained specifically to work on garage doors. With warehouses across the nation, we also have the largest collection of parts to choose from. Even if you don’t have a door or opener from the Overhead Door Company, we have the resources to get whatever you have working smoothly. Call us today for more information or to set up an appointment.

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