Four Common Reasons You May Need Garage Door Service

Garage Door Repairs

Is there something off about your garage door? Is it not closing properly? Maybe it’s making a weird sound? Before you start worrying about a massive repair bill or purchasing a new door, there are few components that you can check yourself. Below, the Overhead Door Company of Augusta has listed these components to help you figure out what kind of garage door service you need.

Eyes On The Prize

Sensor problems are the most common problem when it comes to your garage door not closing. Those small eyes on either side of your door need to be in line with one another in order to work properly. Chances are you or someone in your family knocked it out of alignment accidentally. If that’s the case, just readjust — you can even use a laser leveler if you want to be really specific — and everything should be hunky-dory.

If you think there’s a problem with the sensor itself you can test it by placing an item in the path of the sensors and click the close button on either your remote or keypad. If the door doesn’t close, your sensor eyes are working properly. If it starts to close, you might need to upgrade.

Remote Malfunction

Another common mistake is forgetting to swap out batteries in your remote or keypad. Do this once a year in order to make sure you don’t find yourself locked out by accident. If you live in a colder climate, you might want to do this even more often because the batteries will drain even faster. Check out the accessories guide to see what type of batteries you need. 

Another Spring

Springs provide the tension necessary to raise and lower your garage door. In good working condition, your springs should be one solid piece of tightly-wound metal.

If you notice a rusted area or crack in one of your springs, do not make any attempt to repair it as it is extremely dangerous. Instead, call the professionals at the Overhead Door Company of Augusta immediately.

Too Much Noise

Does your garage door seem louder than normal? If so, you might just need to clean and lubricate some of its components. Hinges, rollers, and springs should be lubricated regularly to keep these parts running smoothly and avoid major garage door service.

If there is something that was not listed that you think needs to be inspected and fixed on your garage door, contact a trained technician from Overhead Door Company of Augusta and set up a free consultation and 14-point inspection today.

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