Beginner’s Guide to Commercial Garage Doors

Beginner Guide to Commercial Garage Doors

You already know the Overhead Door Company of Augusta is the area’s premier provider for all your residential garage door needs, but what about when it comes to your business? We’ve got you! Overhead Door offers a variety of market-topping commercial door operators to deal with the extra heft of your commercial garage door. Below, we’ve included a list of things to look for when selecting an opener that’s just right for your business.

What Areas Should I Look For?

  • Lifetime Cycles: This is the number of times you can reasonably expect your commercial garage door setup to have your door rise and fall. It’s basically the life expectancy of your garage door. You want something that can at least handle 100,000 cycles.
  • Peak Cycle Times: This is the period of the day when your setup can expect to see the most action and therefore the most cycles per hour. 
  • Maintenance Needs: Part of the reason for buying a commercial garage door operator as opposed to a residential one is that maintenance is virtually non-existent. That being said, in order to ensure that remains true, daily checks are in order. Talk to your technician about what exactly needs to be done in order to keep things running smoothly.
  • Inches Per Second: The speed of your door. The industry standard is 24” or roughly two feet per second — this is normally more than enough speed for the average business.

Which Area Is Most Important?

The truth is that there’s no right answer. Is your door under high stress throughout the day? You probably want something heavy-duty (see below) that can handle the constant traffic. What about if you’re sending out shipments a few times a day? You’ll probably want something with a little less power. The best way to find out what’s best for you is to chat with your Overhead Door technician and let them know exactly how and when your business operates.

Do I Really Need the Extra Power?

Yes! As mentioned above, commercial garage doors see a lot more use than the average residential door. Oftentimes, they’re made of heavier metal and can take up the space of two or three normal garage doors. Combine that with the fact you’ll be opening and closing these doors at a higher rate means you need some serious pulling power.

What Are My Options? 

Our Commercial Operator classification specifications are listed out below:

  • Heavy-Duty Commercial Garage Door Operators: Our RHX operators are heavy-duty and operate up to 60 cycles per hour under a large constant load.
  • Standard-Duty Commercial Garage Door Operators: Our RSX operators are standard duty and operate up to 60 cycles per hour during peak usage periods only.
  • Medium-Duty Commercial Garage Door Operators: Our RMX operators are medium-duty and operate at 15 cycles per hour.
  • Light-Duty Commercial Garage Door Operators: Our CDX operators are light-duty and operate at 4 cycles per hour.

For a complete list of openers and accessories visit the Overhead Door corporate website.

For more information on which commercial garage door is the right choice for your business, or to schedule your installation appointment, call the Overhead Door Company of Augusta today!

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