10 Modern Garage Door Options to Update Your Home

10 Modern Garage Door Options to Update Your Home

You have a beautiful home. You renovated your kitchen, overhauled your bathroom, and added a pool. But why is your garage door so outdated? While replacing appliances and painting your walls are popular options for a style refresh, you might be missing out on a huge opportunity. In fact, the 2018 Cost vs. Value Report listed garage door replacements as the top home improvement option for Return on Investment (ROI). From ultra-modern to classic-contemporary, upgrading your garage door is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to update your home.

Select a contemporary style garage door that will rejuvenate and bring your home’s exterior up to speed. Choose from glass, aluminum, fiberglass, or steel panels and painted, anodized or wood grain powder coated finishes. Garage door window styles and hardware options are available determined by the door model you select.

Envy™ Glass Garage Doors

Envy™ – That name says it all. There is no comparison to the beauty and luxury of the Envy™ Model 956 aluminum full view garage door. With a unique frameless design and five stunning glass options to choose from your home will be in a class of its own.  These modern garage doors are made with glass panels, mounted on top of an aluminum structure to create a sleek, modern look.  The garage door is available with an anodized finish in black or bronze or with a powder coat finish in white, bronze, or black.  Glass options for this modern garage door include opaque white, opaque black, mirrored gray, mirrored bronze, and translucent black.

Modern Aluminum Garage Doors

Sleek, striking, and perfect for the ultra-contemporary look. These modern garage doors are made from strong, corrosion-resistant aluminum and advanced light-filtering glass that make a gorgeous centerpiece for the front of your home. The modern aluminum garage doors come standard with a clear finish or you can select a dark bronze or black anodized finish.  There are also approximately 200 powder coat color options to choose from.  Glass options for this modern garage door include clear, obscure, and satin.

The model 511 is a standard frame with door sizes up to 16′ 2″ wide by 16′ 1″ high and has narrow rails and stiles.  The model 521 is a heavy-duty frame with door sizes up to 26′ 2″ wide by 20′ 1″ high and have wide, heavy-duty rails and stiles.  The 521 garage door can be built to withstand a variety of wind conditions making it a wind load and impact-rated door.  Additional options for the 521 include wood grain powder coat and optional polyurethane insulation for the rails and stiles up to 18′ 2″ wide.

Impression Fiberglass Garage Doors

Garage doors that look like wood but are not – these fiberglass garage doors feature an artfully molded wood-grain fiberglass surface.  Fiberglass is the jack of all trades material for building in the contemporary world. Light, strong, and flexible, choosing fiberglass is the epitome of a smart investment. With the Fiberglass Impression Collection®, you get the rich look and feel of real wood matched with the durability of modern engineering.

The Impression Collection® comes in 4 different designs

  • 981 features a classic vertical raised panel design with an oak wood grain pattern.
  • 982 features a horizontal raised panel design with an oak wood grain pattern.
  • 983 garage doors feature a vertical slat design with a cherry wood grain pattern.
  • 984 garage door features a horizontal V-groove design with a mahogany wood grain pattern. ​​

Choose from 10 standard stain finishes including white, clay, gray, oak, red oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, Honduran mahogany, and green.  Glass options for these modern garage doors include clear, obscure, satin, gray, bronze, and green. You can also add garage door hardware including a variety of hinges and handles.

Insulated Steel Garage Doors

Thermacore® insulated steel doors feature a triple layer of steel-polyurethane-steel providing a combination of durability and thermal efficiency. The Thermacore® construction provides a continuous layer of foamed-in-place, CFC-free polyurethane insulation sandwiched between two layers of corrosion-resistant steel, for maximum thermal efficiency. With an air infiltration rating of up to 0.08 cm, the in-between section thermal seals provide superior resistance to the elements.  The interior-side steel backing provides strength and a finished, clean appearance.

These insulated garage doors are available in 5 designs including standard, V5, V10, long, and flush. Standard garage door colors in this line include white, almond, desert tan, and sandstone. Additional garage door panel colors and a variety of window styles are available specific to the model you choose. See your local Overhead Door distributor for details.

Carriage House Style Garage Doors​

The Courtyard Collection® carriage house style garage doors are the perfect balance of classic charm with modern practicality. In addition to their longevity, these garage doors provide great design breadth and allow for style flexibility to fit any home. They have the beauty of wood, the durability of steel, and a classic design to enhance the architectural beauty of your home. These carriage house style garage doors offer superior insulation with an R-value of up to 12.76 and a variety of colors, windows, and decorative hardware.

Installing an upgraded garage door to match your home’s unique style is one of the best investments you can make, with an average ROI of over 98% according to the survey from Remodeling Magazine. You might not be able to predict whether quartz or granite will be in vogue next, but a new modern garage door is one home improvement project that you can count on for value, beauty, and reliability for years to come.

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